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The Gourara Hotel

Erected on the edge of the city of Timimoun and overlooking the lush Gourara oasis, the Gourara Hotel is a building by the French architect Fernand Pouillon.
Built in a horseshoe shape, with the degraded levels providing magnificent terraces on the rooms, it is a beautiful example of adapting a building to its environment.
The Gourara Hotel invites you to visit this wonderful oasis in the heart of the Sahara in complete harmony with a generous and fascinating nature, and to discover its magnificent heritage and its great cultural richness.
Built in the 1970s, The Gourara Hotel is considered a jewel of the national heritage; it has been completely renovated and modernised in a style that harmonises tradition and modernity.
From the panoramic terraces and balconies of the rooms overlooking the lush date palm grove and the huge sand dunes you can enjoy the fascinating sunset.

Geographical location

The town of Timimoun is located to the west of the Tademaït plateau. It dominates the Sebkha which is the ancient site of what once was sometimes a river and sometimes an extended lacustrine.
This basin has received many types of sediment in successive phases, and is rich in fossils and hydrocarbons.
Timimoun is surrounded by a series of oases which border the Grand Erg Occidental, and which are grouped into sub-regions. These are Tinerkouk, Swani, Tagouzi, Aougrout, Deldoul.
The scenery is the same as that of the rest of Gourara oases: a village that overlooks the date palm grove and which opens on the sedimentary basin of the Sebkha, offering a spectacular panorama over the southern part of the Grand Erg Occidental.

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